Any kind of party is bad enough for me, but it was worse. It was an anniversary celebration of an association which M. Anglais is a member of. people actually come for business networking. I came for the reason Carrie came with Alexander Petrovsky to the presentation that night – remember?

Monday night. London. Cocktail dress code.

As a couple of lonely freelancers, we did not really know what to do so I said to M. Anglais: grab two glasses of wine and just wait, somebody will come to us. And they did, we were then introduced to sorts of contacts.

I almost spilled my wine everytime I had to greet someone or respond to someone’s greetings. It’s the worst part of any conversation. Hello, I’m someone important (uh huh). How do you do? (Do you really want to know?) Nice to meet you (Well, I’m not so sure I can say the same). Just keep talking and read my eyes. I need another glass of wine.

Nevertheless, I got ‘charming’ points whenever we moved further into the conversation. It was probably the wine, but whenever you think it’s the wine talking, that’s me talking – the actual me.

In the end, it went really well. M. Anglais got several important contacts, I got more compliments than needed. While driving home that very night (yes, we love our children that much!), I said to my super smart looking man: why can’t we start a conversation with a stranger by saying something like “life is full of pain….”?

–dina oktaviani


7 thoughts on “PAINFUL GREETINGS

  1. More please, more… Your style of writing has me hooked from the first syllable. I’m trying not to read as many blogs at the minute – clouds my creative juices, but THIS. This I will read til the cows come home

    Glad you wore the JC’s – you know shoes!!!

    • you mean you want to hear about ours being the only car driving through wincanton sh**hole past midnight with super hot fake coffee from m&s garage (his it was, my tea was fab!)?

      you are so kind and motivating! i like your writing style – it’s very playful and fresh, you’re like thinking out loud! you inspire me more than you know.

      about the jc’s, even more points for me because the weather forecast said there was going to be gail – nothing could stop me! lol but luckily the weather was very kind xxxx

  2. Ah ha, so this was the social event you mentioned when you commented on my post ‘FEAR’. It sounds like you nailed it, not just with how you handled it, but what you wore. Simple elegance. Keep up the good work! xxx

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