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What is it that makes life seem to be difficult to understand? 

There are so many aspects in life and, like shallots and poetry, each aspect has layers.

Take a person.

She’s a lover by nature, not a hater. She’s a light being, adores humour, but deeper she is someone who is afraid of many things, worried about little things – silly things to some.

He can still have a hard time trying to grasp why she suddenly frowns and gets cold sweat 15 minutes into walking on a slippery path along (what she suddenly considers) a cliff and turns around in fear while a second a go she was smiling and enjoying every step.

But that’s just another layer of herself, and you don’t want to go deeper, and I have stopped asking why others scream and run away when they try to walk through paths inside her head.

I’ve come to realise that mastering something or someone layer by layer takes more than just time and a great deal of patience.

What is it that makes one seem to be able to beautifully or painfully understand someone or something to a certain degree no matter how many layers they are made of, or no matter how short one knows them for?

I used to have a dog, a golden+husky+alsation. beautiful face, anxious soul like hell (read: me). She loved me, she scratched me. she couldn’t read, she didn’t discuss jung with me. did we understand each other? beautifully to a certain painful degree!

If someone who was always shady to me stopped by she would bark endlessly – I didn’t even gossip with her! We could sit next to each other at the door saying nothing to each other: I drizzled, she howled.

Did we learn to master each other’s layers? Perhaps.

Perhaps it wasn’t learning, perhaps it was something else. Anyway, now that summer clock is over and the chill will come more consistently, I must learn to master the layers of outfits, just like I learn to forgive the layers of sadness from her disappearance, in order to survive.

OK, drop the vodka now! Let’s get back to my top layer….

*shaping the pink play doh*

–dina oktaviani


3 thoughts on “MASTER THE LAYERS

  1. Layers are there for a reason. You’re such a strong writer/character, I’m a regular visiter of your posts when I’m in need of a soulful moment …and an Acne Studios fix. Keep on sharing, life through your eyes is really quite beautiful.

  2. Love this one babeee.. Strong message 😉.. Just as strong as to have perfect layer of clothes to survive the climate.. Goes the same with life *wink

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