no, this is not my birthday. today i am mourning, i have been mourning. today i feel at a loss.

have you found the god that’s been hiding in your biggest fear? have i become your enemy? have i become your sinful pharaoh, little moses? if so, at least come and confront me. i who once grew up with you, how did i become a ghost? if your mind simply changed, where did the old mind go?  Continue reading


pnhb dina stasiun ratu boko 2009-07-30 1

What are friends? It’s an idea that excites my spontaneity and shakes my deeper layer of being at the same time. I don’t know where to start or why I am talking about something I don’t quite understand.

Where do you start when you talk about friends – do you start from regular hangouts, endless supports or traumatising betrayals? Continue reading